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Hello wonderful ELH!!

I could use some assistance please. I added a question counter to a randomized Question Bank that houses 24 questions that pulls only 20 questions. The problem I have is when I preview the Question Bank the first question counts 2 of 20. The Question Bank has its own template that I used only for the QB, the variable is QuestionCounter and the trigger for each question is to add 1 to the QuestionCounter when the timeline starts. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it? The content is sensitive so if I could email it outside of this forum that would be wonderful, thank you.


PS-Would you please also check to make sure that the QB is pulling only 20 questions? Thank you

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Justin Lloyd

Hello E-Learning Heroes. 

I couldn't immediate find a way to post my own post, so forgive me for posting on this similar discussion thread. I also use QuestionCounter for our random question exams (attached). i have the variable for QuestionCounter on a Master slide which works beautifully, however. When they review the quiz, I created a trigger to reset QuestionCounter to 0 so when the learner reviews the slide resets to 0. 

The challenge I have is If the learner is reviewing the slides and decides to hit the previous button the QuestionCounter goes up instead of backwards like we would like it to be. Would you know what Trigger I could use to cause the slide number to go backwards if the previous button is clicked during review?

Secondly. We're noticing by using random question from the question bank that sometime you get the same question twice. Is there anyway to ensure that the question doesn't get pulled a second time during an exam attempt? Many thanks for your time!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Justin,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to create along with your .story file so that we could take a look.

I would recommend hiding that counting field when users are reviewing to avoid any confusion.

You can create a true/false variable named 'Review', which adjusts to True (from the default of false) when the user clicks the Review button on the Result Slide:

On your slide master, you can add this trigger:

As for the random questions, since you are using all of the questions in your bank, I'd adjust the 20 to 'All' to reduce any duplication:

I've attached the sample file I worked on as well :)

Leslie McKerchie

I understand, Justin. I was hoping to offer you a quick solution ;)

Triggers can be set to both add and subtract, so you could set this up. Keep in mind that your trigger is when the timeline starts on the slide and that is what is causing the counting 'up' to occur. Going both ways would be dependent on button clicks perhaps or you could use variables.

I look forward to seeing what the community shares for your design.

Parna Seyedin


If all questions are in one scene, then you can use built-in "scene slide number"  variable. For example when you use question bank, put it in seperate scene, and put other slides in other scene. It is also possible to have more than one question bank in one scene. You can also use "Scene total slides" variable to see the total question's number.