Question Counting Problems

Hi all dear guys,
I'm having a strange problem with question count:
in the Articulate file I created a Numeber variable called RISPOSTAorNOT and I assigned a trigger to each multiple response that adds the value 1 each time you click on an answer.

It works well and once you answer the three questions the slide appears that says: "You have answered 3 questions out of 3 total".

The problem arises when I answer a question but then I think about it, go back, and correct the answer.

In this then it may happen that at the end of the quiz it appears: you answered 4 questions out of 3 total!

To try to solve this, I added the rule "if .. radio button 2 or 3 or 4 .. ar Normal" to the trigger

So it should add +1 to the RESPONSEorNOT variable only if the other responses were not clicked!

I tried to do the opposite too but it still doesn't work, that is: if .. radio button 2 or 3 or 4 .. are different from "selected".

I am attaching a test file to this post so that you can try it too if I have not been clear enough in words.

Thank you so much for your support, you are a wonderful community and you all seem like ABSOLUTE GENIUS with this software! : D

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, m m.

Thank you for sharing your .story file and the details of what you're trying to accomplish!

Since each answer needs to only have a binary count (either they answered or not, 0 or 1), I would suggest creating a True/False variable for each question.

If the user clicks any of the radio buttons in Question 1, then the variable becomes True. This won't affect if they return and choose another answer since it will remain True.

On your last slide, you can add 1 to RISPOSTAorNOT for each True variable.

I am attaching your file with the changes above as an example.

Let me know if this works! 

m m

Hello Maria!
Waaw works great!

It works great even if the questions are random and it chooses (for example) 5 questions out of a database of 20.

I also added the trigger that resets the "ANSWERNOT" count by pressing the "back" button on the last slide! This does not add up all the answers again when you go back to review the questions.

Many thanks again! it's a brilliant solution!