Question does not appear in corresponding placeholder



i have a problem with the slide master. I define my layout for a question like in example2. Then I insert a question slide with multiple choice and choose the corresponding layout. But what I get what is seen in example1. The question which is proposed is not in the placeholder where I want it.

What I am doing wrong? Placeholder for the title/question is a content placeholder. For the answers it is a text placeholder where everything works fine.

Can anyone help me?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christian! 

Thanks for sharing your .story file and allowing me to take a look. 

Looks like you have a regular content box on the master, which would not pull from the question form like the default master does.

I added the question title placeholder back in and this is the behavior that you are expecting. I would just copy/paste that placeholder into your master and customize accordingly. I do not have the font you are utilizing on my system.