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Hello all,

I'm wondering if there is a way to have a quiz slide at the end of a scene so that when the "continue" button is clicked it moves to a different scene.  I want to avoid having a feeback slide.  I don't think I can use the feedback master slide because there are multiple questions throughout the course and changing the buttons action on the master would affect all the others.

Thanks for your help!


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Matt H.

Hi Daniel,

That would work, but if possible, I want the feedback so the learner knows whether they got the question right or wrong.  I may have used the wrong term in my question.  I want the learner to know whether the got the question right or wrong, but I don't want to use the Results slide.  Sorry about that.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

You'll need to have a result slide if you want to track users answers from your LMS. You'd also need a results slide if you wanted to reset the questions so that the user can go through it more than once. If you're not worried about those options, then you don't have to include a results slide - just leave the feedback on, and they'll receive an indication of correct/incorrect as they navigate through the questions.

Hope that helps!

Matt H.

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the tip, however I don't need the results tracked on an LMS but am hoping the "Continue" button on the feedback could send the learner to a different scene.  Essentially the question is the last slide in a scene and I would like for the learner to be sent to a new scene after answering it, regardless of whether they got it right or wrong.  If I set that up on the feedback master, then all the continue buttons would send me to this particular scene, but I only want this particular question to do it.  Maybe I'll submit a suggestion for the development team!


Mike Taylor

Hi Matt! If I'm understanding correctly you could change the trigger associated with the continue buttons on that slide to have it jump to a new scene. (The default is next slide.)  For quiz slides, you will find two places to make that change; on the Correct layer and on the Incorrect layer.

Does that do what you want it to?