Question Formatting concern

Here is a concern I have for formatting Multiple-Choice answers.  

How do I equally distribute vertically the answers and distracters in multiple choice questions?  After generally spacing out the answers and selecting them all (Ctrl>Click) I have used the Arrange > Align > Distribute Vertically function successfully for (approx) 87.3% of the questions/answers I have but there are always a few that do not play nice.  They seem to have a mind of their own in that the height is not adjustable for one (or more) answers and when I try to distribute the answers vertically, they never distribute equally. 

I've tried many variations in the Format Shape > Text Box area for Autofit and Internal Margins – plus – the Size and Position > Size > Size (primarily) and Rotate height functions. 

Most often as a default, the single line answers are standard at 55px high (some are 48px) using Calibri 12pt.  The answer field(s) that are a problem usually have a height of 86PX.

This causes a problem when I set the answers to Shuffle and when I Preview the slide or Publish the story, the problem answers are misaligned and sometimes they are on top of each other.

What's the fix?


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