Question level data from an LMS

Feb 25, 2021

We have a Storyline course with assessment questions. We would like to get question level data. Which questions are people getting wrong? what wrong selections are they most frequently making? Where are the trouble spots in our assessments?

We can see the questions, and % correct, but with MC questions, we can't see options or what wrong selections people made. Is there a way to get that data? What would be the best publication settings for us?

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Jennifer!

That's a great question. Storyline will send learner activity, including the scenarios you list, to an LMS; however, it's up to the LMS to determine how to present that data.

I recommend connecting with your LMS team to pull that report and see if those details are available in SCORM Cloud. Of course, let us know if you need a hand!

Lastly, which LMS are you using? Hopefully, a fellow community member using the same one can offer more insight!