Question Level details are not being tracked as expected when used with Complete button

Hi. I have a simple SCORM 2004 quiz set up with three questions. The requirement is that within the content the result is calculated and a "Passed" feedback is given with 100%, and a "In Progress" feedback is given with less than 100%.

The final slide has an exit button, with the following actions:

  1. Submit Quiz results
  2. Complete Course
  3. Exit Course

The expected behaviour is that the quiz is reported back at question level, with a status of Complete (regardless of quiz score).

Currently, we are receiving the Complete status, but we are not receiving the question level tracking.

Any ideas/suggestion? (Included a sanitised source file to support.)

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Daniel Megson

Hi Ashley. I think this may be the issue... Our LMS does track both completion and success status (luckily I am the LMS admin) but I suspect it may "ignore" success status if you use Complete/Incomplete as the tracking method.

Our intention is to display complete/incomplete but to track the quiz results to best understand the audience response, and this is the bit that isn't working.


Daniel Megson

Hi Phil, that's what we have done, however the question level tracking is not received by the LMS.

The article that Ashley mentions suggests that most LMS set ups will not track at question level unless you use Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed tracking.

I've raised a query with our software vendor to understand what approach we should be using.

Daniel Megson

Yes - same issue in SCORM Cloud. In the summary, the implication is the best options to use for question level reporting is Passed/Incomplete.

To sum it all up, this table lists the best combinations of LMS standards and reporting options for recording completion and success statuses in your LMS.

Since each LMS can interpret completion and success statuses differently, your LMS provider is best equipped to help if you don’t see the statuses you expect. Ask your LMS admin or provider if a specific reporting option or LMS standard is required to record both statuses.

I'll see what I find out from the vendor and share back. Worth noting that we are tracking by the use of a "Complete Course" trigger here.