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rehan arshad

Hi Elliott,

you cannot lock the hotspot but you can do one or two things to hide it. you can use a Transparent box above the hotspot. or you can have other hot spot over the other layer that triggers the first hotspot to hide. Or you can send the hotspot to backwards. You can use the triggers instead of Hotsopt on Shape, Pictures, figures and Buttons.

Yes you can jump to 2nd slide layer 1 only if there is a condtion applied on the 2nd slide i.e "Show layer 1 when timeline starts for this Slide(Slide 2)" 

Elliott Haden

Here is a question , 

I'm trying to figure out how to have a text field trigger a button to show 

the user has to enter in an address ( such as 1331 L St NW) 

I've built a scene using the really cool , Try Mode , and noticed it sets up the text box in a way i'm not use to seeing. 

it adds a  box on the top right, above the triggers,   called questions.

But how do i get this question box to generate when I don't want to use "Try mode"  ??

I can't get the text box to operate well without using the Try mode . even though I'd rather build it myself. 


Elliott Haden

Another Question based off my first question 

I have a hotspot on slide 1.1 

I want this hotspot to jump to slide 2.2 (layer 2)

How do I get this hotspot to jump onto a layer other than the First one? 

I will still be using the first layer , but I want this specific hotspot to go to layer 2 on slide 2 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elliott,

The Try and Test modes of the Screen Recording feature will automatically set them up as questions, but if you'd like to insert your own questions, there are a number of other options, and you'll choose Insert New slide -> Quizzing tab:

  • Graded questions and survey questions: Choose from 20 different predefined question types for fast and easy quiz-building
  • Freeform questions: These allow you to build your own questions or interactions out of just about any object you've added to your quiz slides—the ultimate in flexible authoring! Choose from five different question types, including drag and drop, hotspot, and more.

In regards to the jump to a specific layer, you're going to need to use a variable. You may want to begin by reviewing the tutorial here.

Then, you'll want to set up a variable (let's call is ShowLayer2) that is adjusted from False to true, when the user clicks the hotspot (this trigger needs to be before your jump to slide trigger). You'll then add a trigger to jump to slide 2 when the user clicks the hotspot. On slide 2, you'll need a trigger that says Show Layer 2 when the timeline starts, on the condition that ShowLayer2 is equal to True. 

Variables can take a bit of getting used to, so I'd start with the tutorials and then play around with it in a sample file. Let us know if you have any questions.