Question Mark appears in place of Quizmaker Questions


I'm creating an Articulate project that includes several modules and each module includes a quiz.  When I import some quizzes a little Question Mark appears in place of the individual slides.  When I click on the Question Mark, it takes me to the quiz questions and I'm able to get to the quiz slide that way.  I was hoping to get by with this little workaround, but I need to change the navigation buttons on the quiz (from Submit to Next  Prev) and this work around takes too long.

I'm figuring its some type of configuration on the Quizmaker side because some of the quizzes import correctly, while others don't...and I can’t consistently repeat the problem.   In the screen shot below, that Assessment with the question mark should be a 35 question quiz; and the the quiz works properly in Quizmaker

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Al,

The question mark you're seeing actually happens when a question bank is created in Storyline. If you create a new question bank and insert a "Draw from question bank slide", you'll see the same behavior. 

This happens when the questions are paired or imported together in the same question bank. 

Are you wanting them to all have their own slides? To do that, you'd have to remove them from the question bank and insert them as their own slides. However, keep in mind that you won't have the same functionality as a question bank, such as pulling randomly from the question bank, etc. 

You can also pull from an existing question bank into a new one. However, the slide visual for the question banks will appear the same way in Story View.

I hope this makes sense :) Let me know if you have any questions.


Al Smith

Hello Christine - thank you for thereply.

What's confusing meis that I've imported questions for other modules in the way that appears inthe screen shot I provided below.  I needthis type of importing because I have 13 modules, and each contains 35 quizzes.  Specifically, importing “individually” as a group, allows meto Select All and simultaneously modify their properties as shown in the bottomleft corner.  I’m trying to do this type of import again, but it’s notworking.  

Both times I Right Clicked in theStory View, selected New Scene | New Slide then tried [Importing and Quizzing]but now, both options result in the Question Mark.  I also tried importing the Quizmaker file into the project with hopes of pointing a trigger to it as a scene, but it too results in the Question Mark. 

As mentioned, I was able to import withthe desired result several days ago (but maybe I tweaked something in Storylinethat I forgot).  Since I can't duplicate the type of import again Iassumed it had to be something wrong with the quiz or I'm importing wrong, butfrom your explanation
 it sounds like the import I did belowshouldn't be possible?

Al Smith

Okay, I did a test that narrowed downthe problem which I think has to do with Quizmaker.

While in theproject that is creating the Question Mark import error, I also imported theQuizmaker questions that worked several days ago, and it imported the way Iwanted (and I used the basic Import option); I also did the test using the knownworking project with the questions generating the question mark error, and gotthe same results as shown below, leading me to believe it's a Quizmakersettings issue.   

Al Smith

Partial success -

Using Quizmaker, I imported the quiz that was generating the Storyline Question Mark error into the quiz that was importing properly.  I then deleted the original questions, kept the newly imported ones and renamed the quiz.  I then imported the quiz back into Storyline and it worked as desired.  I still don't know what setting in Quizmaker is preventing the questions from being imported properly, but I have a workaround until I can isolate the problem in Quizmaker.



Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Al,

Sorry for the delay!

Glad to see you've been able to make some progress with this :)  I'm not sure why they're importing this way. 

For example, if I import a Quizmaker quiz that contains 5 questions into a new Storyline file, they come in as 5 separate slides. This is without changing anything in the Quizmaker quiz, as far as grouping or locking is concerned. 

Are any of your questions locked in the original Quizmaker file, or any other settings applied to how the questions are grouped/displayed? If so, that may be why they're importing as a group or question bank.