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Crystal Horn

Hey there Bess!  Are you using a Question Bank to randomize your question order?  This knowledge base article of ours explains what quiz information is passed to the LMS.  You'll see that slide number is included in that information.  

When you create your question bank, the questions are identified as Q1.1, (Q)= quiz, (1) = which question bank you're using, and the (.1) = which slide of that question bank.

question bank screen

The slide number in your reporting should be pointing the slide number in your question bank.  I tested a 3 question quiz bank set to randomize in SCORM 1.2 in my SCORM Cloud.  In the debug log, I could see this reported for each question:

LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.2.id', 'Scene1_QuestionDraw11_Slide2_TrueFalse_0_0') returned 'true' in 0 seconds

In this case, Slide 2 referred to the second question in my question bank; it was the first question that I answered, so I knew that Slide number was not referring to the order in which the learner encounters the questions.

If you want question text to appear, you can publish for SCORM 2004 or Tin Can.  I hope that's helpful!