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Peter Anderson

Hey Jennifer!

I hijacked the below from our Player Menu tutorial. Basically, you'll want to put your quiz into a question bank, then follow the steps below. Let me know if that's what you're referring to, or if you were hoping to do something totally custom:

If your course includes a draw from a question bank, it'll appear in the menu as a single title, called "Draw from [question bank name]." You can edit, move, or delete the title (just as you can for any other slide). If you prefer to show each slide title from the question bank draw, rather than just a single title, here's how to do it:

  1. Click the gear icon next to the title that represents your question draw.
  2. Mark the Show Slide Draw Contents box.

When you publish your course, each slide title from the question bank draw will appear as a separate item in the menu.

Note that you can display all the slides individually from a question draw in the menu as described above, but you won't be able to show some of the individual slide titles from a question draw while hiding others.

Peter Anderson
Tom Dorsey

Peter Anderson said:

Sorry, Jennifer.

The drop-down question navigation panel isn't included in Storyline, and would have to be custom built. The question bank option would at least allow your users to view all the questions at once. Here's more on question banks:




Do you have any suggestions or documenation on how i could custom build this?