Question on Accessibility for buttons with text - Alt-Text needed?

A question on accessibility -

If you have a button that has text in it (e.g. not a graphic, but text entered as text in Storyline) - do you have to go to "Size and Position" and enter Alt Text also?

For instance, if you set up a standard multiple choice each response is a button that contains text. However the Alt Text under Size and Position is not filled in. It would seem logical that JAWS or other screen readers would read the text that is already there without having to fill in the Alt Text. Is this true?

Thanks - just want to make sure I get this right.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Dane,

I'm afraid I do not have access to JAWS to test this out for you, but I believe you may have to enter the ALT text for those type of objects. Have you tested this out with your project? If it's not reading it, it might be best to simply copy it and paste it into the ALT text field. 

Now, if it is being read, it would probably be a good idea to keep the visible option selected. I'm not sure, but I believe if you remove this option, the entire object may be skipped. 

Erica Leibowitz

I have been doing some JAWS testing with Storyline - if you name the button in the Timeline (next to the eye), JAWS will pick up the name of the button in the Buttons dialog box. You only need to name the button - don't add the title of "button" to the end. For example, in the screenshot that I've attached, I named the button "Closed Captioning." JAWS reads it as "Closed Captioning Button." The alternative text didn't seem to make much of a difference - you really want to identify the button with a unique name so that when it's taken out of context into the dialog box, it's able to be read. Below is what the JAWS dialog box looks like with my newly added Closed Captioning button.