Question on Hyperlinks from Storyline to Moodle.

Hi all! I am creating a tablet template for training new employees. Historically, we have been faced with a lack of 'structure' to our training courses and their whereabouts on our LMS (Moodle).

What I'd like to do, is create a Tablet template (DONE!) that has icons for all training. Once an employee clicks on the first icon, Storyline links the employee to the SCORM content for that subject.

When complete, they will be directed back to the Storyline Tablet, at which point a checkmark will appear over the completed icon, and thus making the second course visible/active.

Employees are signed into the LMS before opening the 'Tablet story'. However, the other courses (housed within the same LMS), are unique to the employee taking them, so the actual hyperlink seems to present a challenge, but I'm open to any ideas.

First question: Does this make any sense?

Second question: Is this possible?

Third question: If so, how?

Forth question: How may I ever thank the person who is able to help me with this?

Thank you!


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