Question on Reset Only Incorrect Questions Checkbox

Hello All,

Only one member of our 4 member ID team can see or has access to use the Reset Only Incorrect Questions checkbox as below, although the whole team has the same version of AS 3. Does anyone know why this is the case? As a team we were not aware of this checkbox until very recently.

Trigger Wizrd - Reset Results



Joan Katsareas


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Chris  Simonsen

Thanks for the reply Lauren but I'll add this as I am a colleague of Joan's and am experiencing the same issue.  Our team here works with Storyline 3 (not 360).  All of my research has identified Storyline 360 as having the option to Reset only incorrect questions.  All Results slides created in Storyline 3 do not have this option (to my knowledge).  However, one of our team members - who also has Storyline 3 - does have this option.  And I can open his project files and see the option for Reset only incorrect questions on his Results slides.  However, when I open any of my own project files, I do not.  Very strange indeed.