Question pages lock up in Mobile Safari iPad 2 Mini HTML5

Jun 02, 2014


I see from browsing in the forums that it is felt this issue has been resolved with Storyline Update 5, but I am still experiencing question slides freezing (the Submit button becomes unresponsive) in the Mobile Safari browser when publishing to HTML5. I downloaded and installed Update 5 back in January, 2014. Is there another update of which I'm unaware? I checked the most recent build number on the Download page and I believe I'm completely up to date with Build 1401.2415.

Is there another resolution for the question slides becoming unresponsive in HTML5 with Safari?

Thank you.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shannon,

I'm afraid I don't have access to an iPad Mini for testing, but I do have an iPad 2. Do you happen to know if this happens on any other device, or if it's specific to the Mini?

If you'd like, you're welcome to post the .story file here. I could certainly take a look on my iPad 2, and perhaps someone with an iPad 2 Mini could also take a look. If not, we can see if someone in our support team has access to that device. 


Shannon Connor

Thank you Christine. I think it might be specific to the mini as the course appears to run okay on my iPhone. Also on the mini, it kicks me out of the course on almost every page (sometimes - not consistently).

I would like to send my .story file to have you take a look, but due to the proprietary nature of the content and my agreement with my client, I would much prefer to send privately rather than posting. Is there a way for me to do that?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shannon,

No problem at all - I totally understand if you want to keep the information and project confidential. 

If you'd like to share it with me privately, you're welcome to share a Dropbox or download link with me via a private message. Another option is to submit a support case. When you submit the support case, just add ::christine:: in your description. This should assign both the case and file to me. 

Again, I don't have access to that specific version of the iPad, but I'm more than happy to test it on my iPad 2. 



Shannon Connor

Hello. An update for anyone who may be interested. This issue was reproduced by the Articulate team when they looked at my file and in a new file they created. It appears to be because I was using Tin Can. When published using SCORM 2004 and lower, the problem goes away. The issue has been forwarded to QA and for now I will publish in SCORM.

Thank you!

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