Question: Pick One/Many Submitting Incorrectly

Hey everyone,

So I created a Freeform slide where the user has to pick one of two options (let's call them Correct Option and Incorrect Option) and then click Submit, which triggers a Correct or Incorrect layer based on which option was chosen.

However, I've noticed a bug. If a user clicks the Incorrect Option, then clicks the Correct Option, then clicks Submit...the course acts as if they submitted the Incorrect Option (even though they have switched before clicking Submit). 

How should I fix this? The state of the objects are being returned to "normal" from "selected" so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

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Noel Read

Hi, that shouldn't happen. By default, setting up a freeform slide does not do this (unless it's playing up for some reason). I've attached a simple pick one created using a freeform slide and it works as it should. Maybe compare the way the attached is set up to yours to see if they are set up the same. Noel