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I am using SL2 but have access to other courses that were created in SL1.

I initially created my own quiz questions but found that the older course questions had a text box with question%question% in it,although the text box is on the slide it does not show in preview mode and the eye symbol shows it is not hidden on the slide.I have 2 questions.

Firstly why is it there?

Second do I need it as I thought that the results slide would determine how many attempts a client can do?

What have I missed? I have attached a pic to show what I mean.

The user is allowed 2 attempts or they need to restart the module.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nick!

I'm not sure that I can answer why someone placed this there, but my best guess would be that they were using it to display the question number for the user. Perhaps there is a variable counter so that the question number increments as the learner progresses and is displaying there. Hard to tell without seeing.

Yes, the results slide controls the ability to re-take the quiz and if you wish to limit the attempts to 2 tries, then I would check this out.

Nick Gregory

Many thanks for your response,I suppose I need to explain what my goal is so that this is resolved.What I want to achieve is that the delegate takes a set of questions at the end of the module & if they do not get the required 80% first time they can then retake a set of randomly selected questions from the question bank again & should they again fail they will need to restart the whole module.Is this easily achievable & if so how? In the meantime I will look at the link that you have kindly added.

Many thanks