Question Regarding Try Mode and Test Mode

I have a form I want participants to practice filling out. I would like them to fill out the whole form and then click submit, but SL has it so the participant has to type in one field at a time and then click submit after each field is filled out.

Also, I have a Name field in the form and I typed in Sarah, but I noticed if the participant does not spell Sarah right then they are marked wrong. It does not matter what name they put in the fields, I just want them to fill out the form in the correct order.

Is there any way to adjust the Try Mode and Test mode so I can have this functionality. If you need me to explain this better I can via phone, just send me a personal message with a phone number to call. Thanks!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Stella, 

We'd be happy to take a closer look at your project to confirm what you're hoping to do, but it sounds like even if you convert your existing slides to a freeform text entry question, you'd still only be able to evaluate the answers one at a time. However, within freeform text entry, you should be able to define acceptable answers, including misspellings. Would you like us to take a closer look at what you've got?