Question Review issue created via Convert to Freeform

I have a number of Questions created via Convert to Freeform as well as questions created via Insert Question Template.

All the Questions created via Convert to Freeform, with the exception of the Text Entry question do not display the correct answer solution, while the Text entry question is in a problem class of its own during the rview process.

Attached, is a zip file of review screen sample demonstrating this problem.

Is there a solution to the Question review issue for questions created using Convert to Freeform?

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Dennis Hall

Do you mean the Review Feedback Layout?

When I select a layer, I can right click the slide (in the Scenes Navigation panel on the left, or in the slide stage area), then select Layers from the context sensitive menu, then select Review Feedback or Blank from the Layout panel.

Also, should I label the layer "Custom Review Feedback"?

Peter Anderson

OK, so it's not pretty, but I think the best way to workaround this issue is by doing the following (or something similar to it):

  • Edit the Incorrect feedback layer for your Freeform slides
  • Include information about the correct answer
  • Remove the trigger from the Continue button that hides the layer of that Incorrect feedback layer (this will prevent it from being hidden when the user returns to the slide during the review)

Think that'll work for you?

I'll attach a raw sample below. 

Dennis Hall

Hi Peter:

I'm a technical guy...

Therefore, pretty is relative. Yours was pretty

I am not seeing what I hoped in your solution, as I require Correct Feedback, Incorrect Feedback and Try Again Feedback available to the user in all cases.

I have modified your story file to include what I'm trying to accomplish in hopes it will help you understand teh solution I'm in search of.

You will notice I added a new layer to each slide. The objective will be to display this layer during the Quiz Review.

I still need help here as I'm not sure which functions or varialbes I can use to accomplish this task.