Question Slides and Choice Formatting as Feedback

Jan 30, 2018

Is it possible to change the states of the choices to provide feedback to the user when they submit a response to a question?

For example, I have multiple choice question with 3 shuffled choices. When the user hits submit I want the correct answer to be marked with green text while the 2 incorrect answers are changed to red text.

Do I need to create new states for every choice and manually change them using triggers? 

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Randall Sauchuck

I don't have that version of Storyline. And actually my case is a bit more complicated by the fact that my Instructional Designer also wants the user to see which ones they got wrong (so mark only the ones they selected but not the others) You can't duplicate the selected state as the "tick mark" doesn't copy over. I had to recreate that mark using shapes or images.

What makes this infuriating is that when you use the built in Review in a graded assessment it shows correct answers, etc. So the functionality is already in Storyline but Articulate has chosen not to make it available for some reason.

Just like they internally can track page numbers but do not have any way of automatically displaying it.

David Tait


I've used a similar principle to the one I described above but this time I have set the MCQ to provide specific feedback depending on the option chosen.

Now when the feedback layer is activated, the trigger only affects the state of the option you selected.

There are obviously many other things you can do on the feedback layers at this point but I've kept it simple for our purposes.

This file is compatible with Storyline 2.

Is this any closer to getting you where you need to be?

Randall Sauchuck

Thanks for you help but this is not quite what I needed.

I need to show:

  • the users selection
  • the actual correct answer

I am using the built in disabled state to show incorrect answers

I have solved my issue by creating 2 new states "correct" and "correctselected". Each one has a green check mark next to it. "correctselected" also has an image of the selected radio button state on it. I also did a similar treatment for the Multiple Response (checkbox) interaction as well.

I don't use the feedback by response setting, just feedback by question. On the Incorrect feedback layer I have triggers that set the proper response(s) to the "correct" state. The incorrect response remain selected/disabled. On the correct feedback layer I have triggers that set all the proper responses to "correctselected"

I works but it involves setting triggers for all the correct choices on the feedback layers so its kind of a pest.

I have NO IDEA if it works in a graded assessment.

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