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I have created a template which will be used by most of the system trainers in the company eventually, but my question tools seem to be missing from Try Me and Test Me mode so that I can limit the attempts.

Could someone please work out why they have disappeared? I have been copying and pasting the slides from one project into the template and some seem to have tools while other don't.

Also it doesn't seem to hold all of my Screen recordings so that I can insert them into the various modes.

I was on a roll for a few week, but now I've hit a wall and seem to be going backwards! Please help. I have attached the template.




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Nicole Legault

Hi Janine, 

You've actually shared the .storytemplate file, not the .story file. Any chance you can share the .story file? 

Typically you would not use a Storyline Template for software simulations. The template is more to set the layouts for slides and the look-and-feel and branding of your company. 

FYI - only "Test Mode" are question slides that you can set attempts for. 

View Mode and Try Mode are not quiz/question slides, and do not have attempts. 

If you copy the original Test Mode slides and paste them into another scene or project, this may be responsible for them not working. I would try going to your recording and re-inserting it as Test Mode into a new scene. 

Janine Watkins


Thanks for replying. I definately have a story file which has 3 attempts set on Try me mode. I will upload for you to have a wee look....

I think, with your help I may have answered my own question. Any text input in Try Me mode can be limited to 3 attempts, so I am only going to see the question tools whenever there is text- right?

It's true what they say about a problem shared :)