Question with variables or states

There must be an easy way to do this but I am stumped. I have a question that has four possible answers. I want the user to click on all four possible answers before being able to move on to the next slide. They may click them in any order. Each possible answer has a pop-up layer of feedback. How do I get them to view all four possible answers (in any order) with the pop-up feedback  before moving to the next slide? I tried doing this with variables and states, but can't figure out how to make the pop-up feedback appear on the final selection before the slide attempts to move forward. 

Any help is appreciated,


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Whitney,

Will your goal be achieved by modifying the trigger on the next button so it looks like this:

Jump to the next slide when the user clicks the next button on condition:

Answer 1 state's is visited

AND Answer 2 state is visited

AND Answer 3 state is visited

and Answer 4 state is visited

Each answer, I'd imagine, is on a shape of some sort

Each answer, when clicked, triggers a separate layer that "pops up" an answer

I can throw tog. a quick example if the instructions aren't clear

Whitney Lowe

One of the challenges is that I don't want the Next button to appear until all of the pop-up answers have been seen. Each pop-up answer is on a separate layer. I have variables set to indicate those layers as visited once they have been seen. The problem comes with whichever is  the last one viewed. I can't get it to show the pop-up feedback first and then make the Next button active. 

So the essential question is how do I make a (Next) button appear after 4 other layers have been visited, but make sure the 4th layer pops up.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Whitney,

The built-in next button always displays. It can be made inactive in the way that I described above, that is, until certain conditions have been met. I don't believe variables are required, since you're working with layers on one slide.

You can hide this button and create your own button that will not display until Learners have viewed all answers. Again, because you're working with layers on one slide, I don't think you'll need variables. I've attached an example. Some notes:

  • The next button can be hidden by clicking the gear icon on the slide's base layer (in the Slide Layers Panel) and removing the checkmark from the Next box.
  • After creating a new "Next" button, set its state to hidden. You can do this by clicking the button, then the States tab on the timeline, and changing the initial state via the drop-down.
  • For this example, I inserted a shape and added a selected state by clicking the Edit States button and choosing Selected.
  • I added a trigger to the next button that says its state will change to Normal when States of all 4 shapes = selected.

I named the shapes Answers 1, 2, 3, 4 but they don't need to be clicked in any particular order.

Would that achieve your goal?

Shannon Glade

Hi, I realize this post was years ago but I am facing a very similar challange. I have 4 hover spots I want to learner to find (no intended order) and with each hover spot I would like a message to appear ( State change triggered by hover)letting them know they found it. I can get the state change 1,2, & 4 to appear but 3 will not appear. I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out.

Rebecca I tried to open your attached file but it went to a webpage with gibberish. Could I get help with this I will attach my file. I have 2 slides attached both are idenitical just with different variables and conditions to try and solve the problem. It is the second layer in both slides that I need to trigger all 4 state changes and it will not.