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I have issues making the quiz do what I want:

- the quiz should be mandatory, so it can't be skipped in the player.
- the quiz should contain multiple questions, thereby multiple slides. But I don't want all the slides to be visible in the player.
- Now the player skips to the next slide when the player-timer ends which of course is not what I want.

How do I accomplish this?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tommy,

Happy to help you set up your quiz!

First, you can remove the question slides from the menu. Doing this will ensure the questions are not visible in the player. You can also enable restricted navigation to prevent the learner from skipping slides. 

Finally, you'll want to switch the navigation setting from Automatically to By User. You can make this adjustment under the Slide Properties section in Story View

Tommy Borgelin Bredesen

What would be the best course of action when you have multiple questions in a quiz?
As far as I understand, you then need multiple slides, right?
So to make the Story View look more structured, would a good idea be to have the whole quiz in its own scene?
Or is it a way to have the rest of the quiz besides the first slide branch off in Story View?