Questions about "Scenes"

Nov 29, 2014

Hey there,

I've got a few quick questions about "Scenes." Any help would be much appreciated!

(I use SL1 and currently have a project that spans around 250 slides, some with 50 layers on each slide)

Q1.  It currently takes me about 12 minutes just to "save" this project or to "preview" an action on the entire project. Soooo, I think it sounds like I would be much better off "breaking all these slides up into various scenes."

But how exactly is this done, since it is all "one scene" right now?

Q2.  After I do break this project into various scenes, when I hit "save"...does it just save "the scene"...or does it save the entire project?

Q3.  Can I use the "Jump to Slide" trigger to jump from a slide in one scene to a slide in another scene?

Q4.  If I have 10 scenes, but only want to "preview" two of that possible?

Q5.  Can the "size layout" of each scene be a different size?


Thanks again for all your help!
This support community is...Awesome!

All the best,

Rand :-)

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Wendy Farmer

Hey Rand

Q1. you can create as many scenes as you like by selecting New scene from the Home tab.  You can also select which of the scenes you want to be your Starting scene by highlighting the scene and clicking the Starting scene option in the Home tab - see attached image.

Q2. Save - saves the entire project so you won't be saving time there

Q3. Yes you can use the trigger Jump to slide or Jump to scene as you need to

Q4. When you select the preview button, use the dropdown to preview - this scene - see attached image.  You can preview by scene but not only select two scenes - you would do scene by scene (hope that makes sense)

Q5. Yes.  You can have a scene with 1 slide or 30 slides or whatever you want.

Shout out if you need more help

Oops - forgot to say how to rearrange the slides into scenes.

  1. I always do a backup of my project before I do big moves.
  2. Create the number of scenes you want - you can always delete a scene later if you need it.
  3. Cut and paste the slides from one scene to another.
Rand Tufford

Hiya Wendy!

Thanks so much for your quick response!

I've got just a few follow-up questions.

Q1.  Just so I'm to "rearranging my current slides (all one scene) into various separate scenes, I must...

a.  Within my current project, I select "New Scene" for each new Scene I want to create.

b.  Drag my current slides underneath the various newly created separate scenes.

c.  And save.

Q2.  On question 5 I wrote..."Can the "size layout" of each scene be a different size?"

I probably wasn't clear enough on that question. I wasn't referring to the "number" of slides a scene can have, but rather the layout "size." That is, since it's a different scene, can I change the "size" of the scene without affecting the size of the other scenes.

In my case, I want to create a slideshow "scene" that fills the entire screen. But I want to keep the standard size dimensions I'm using for all my other scenes...which don't fill the entire screen.

Q3.  Can a scene be just "one" slide?

Thanks again for your help!  :-)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rand


a. Yes

b. Its a cut and paste not a drag and drop (that feature has been requested by a lot of people)

c. Yes

Q2. if you mean the story size  so in the Design tab > story size - see attached image then to my understanding you can't change the story size within one project so scenes can't be different layout sizes - maybe ask this question separately in a post to confirm the answer.

Q3. Sure see attached...your intro perhaps may only have one slide in that scene that then branches to other scenes. 

A scene is just a collection of slides (nothing magical about it) - just a way to arrange your project. Some people have 1 scene with all their slides.  I tend to break it up for ease of viewing in the story view and for managing previews.


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