Questions and status or variable

Hi all!

I'll try to be as clear as possible with this problem, but some parts may be not clear... Because I'm trying to figuring myself what I want to do and also because I'm french speaking...

Basically, I'm building a quiz type serious game within Storyline. This is how it works: the player is starting from a map, where he have to pass by several consecutive steps. Let's admit we're on the first step. The player will be offered three challenges, let's call them A, B and C. So let's choose challenge A. Then, we'll be offered a choice of 3 questions that we'll call Q1, Q2 and Q3. Let's admit we choose Q1. And here is where my problem is. I want to put sort of a variable or a state, or whatever can be put on this question to set up this:

- If we answer correctly, this question won't be asked again and the player will be redirecetd to challenge choice with challenge A marked as answered.

- If we give the wrong answer, the question is kept in the bank, the player is sent back to challenge choice, but if he choose the same challenge and the same question, it won't be the same question that will be asked.

This is the first part on my problem.

The second part is:

- If the player answer the question correctly, challenge B will propose 3 question but one of the 2 remainning questions will be asked twice, etc...

Here is a king of diagram to illustrate what I'm trying to explain in caase of a good answer...

        A                          B                            C

Q1 Q2 Q3           Q2 Q2 Q3             Q3 Q3 Q3

And for the first part of my problem, it would look like this in case of wrong answer

        A                          A                            A

Q1 Q2 Q3           Q2 Q1 Q3            Q3 Q2 Q1

I hope this is clear... I'll try something on my side, but I really can't figure out how to do this...

Thanks in advance for your help if someone can help me! I'm out of my mind with this part of the game!!

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Shwetha Bhaskar

Hi Cedric,

This is really confusing to understand without the context! Are there ONLY 3 questions in total across all three challenges or three questions EACH for Challenge A, B, and C? Could you post your .story file or an excerpt of it? Or a flowchart diagram of the kind of logic you are looking for? 


Cédric Froehlich

Thank you shwetha for your interest!

I finally let this feature go, but I came out with a cool RPG style game that I will share with you soon... I just need to make an anonymous version (because this one is fully tagged with the company's logos )

And I must say... I LOVE VARIABLES!!!