Questions looping - never goes to results slide

Dec 17, 2014

The course I'm trying to "fix" has a Question Bank with five questions.  The entire course is in one scene, and the questions begin after the quiz instructions, followed by the results slide.  However, in Preview mode, once we get to the questions, they just continue to loop, it keeps asking the questions over and over, regardless of whether you get all of them right the first time.  They are set in the bank for "1 attempt".  I've changed the trigger on each to go to the specific slide number that is next, and not just "next slide". "Draw questions randomly" is turned off, and "Include in shuffle" is set to Never.  I don't know what else to try.  Help!

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Darin Fennell

Ok, so I was excited to see this thread because I have been having the same issue with my quiz questions looping regardless of whether I got all the answers right or not. Since Barbi appeared to resolve this issue offline, I would like to see if I can get an answer from this thread. I have attached my mock module that includes the four question quiz at the end.

Note, all questions slides were created in a question bank or copied to the question bank from outside text file. They all reside in a questions scene. The scene ends with a results page. All questions are set to one attempt. No questions are set to be drawn randomly. They are all set to include in shuffle always.

Any help would be appreciated.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Darin -- I will go ahead and take a look to see if I am able to locate a support ticket for Barbi and I will share any updates on her case if I am able. You would also be welcome to reach out to her directly by using the 'Contact Me' link on her profile page. 

Otherwise, if you'd like members of the community to do some take a look at your file and do some testing, please share the .story file rather than the output folder if possible. Thanks! :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Darin

I don't think I understand why you have four question banks and they all have the same question - is this just you testing how it will work with four question banks.  That is why you think they are looping because there are four instances of each when you click continue on the last slide (correct/incorrect layer) of each question bank it is going to the next question bank but because the questions are the same it starts again...or am I missing something super obvious?

Darin Fennell


Thanks for your response. Apparently I misunderstood how the question banks work in Storyline. I thought I was creating four random questions that drew from the question bank, not four question bank slides. After removing the extra question banks, the module ran through the questions one time and then gave me  the Results slide. Please forgive an old Captivate user for making such a silly mistake in Storyline.

Happy New Year!

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