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I have a layout that has 2 text boxes, nothing else.. One I'll use for the screen title (call that title box), the other I'll use for "Screen 7 of 9" (call that number box).  I want all my screens to use this layout so I can change the font and background color of those text boxes globally, easily.  I want to have a screen title and a "Screen 7 of 9" on my question screens as well (I won't be using a pool.)  When I add a question slide, then select my layout, it puts the question into my title box and puts the answers into my number box.   I would greatly appreciate being pointed to more in-depth information on how Storyline is utilizing these fields, uncovering my bad assumptions, other ideas, or an alternative approach.  Thanks

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, David!

It sounds like you're using the content sections for the title and text/content boxes through the Master slide. For the question slides, this is where the question and answer options will appear by default. 

What you may want to try doing is adding your own text boxes for the title and "number" text fields. That way, when you add new content to a slide, or a question slide, it won't be overwritten by the default content that's inserted into those fields. 

Here's some tutorials that may help you out:

Using Slide Masters

Using Feedback Masters

If you have any trouble with this, or any questions, just let me know!

Thanks and welcome again :)


David Kelling


Here is a 2.5 minute video showing what I've articulated below, describing and demonstrating my issue:

Attached is the story file created in the video

Create new layout which inherits the title field from the master, add a 2nd placeholder text field.  Intent is to use title field for screen titles, and 2nd field for screen number.

Create new slide, select multiple choice question.

I only have one layout, it has used that layout, and it has put the question into the screen title field.

If I select the layout for the slide or reset it, it then puts the answers into the screen number field.

How can I add question, and then grab a layout which will add my screen title and screen number fields to the question slide?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi David!

Thanks very much for the video - that was very clear and helped with getting a better understanding of what's happening.

Now, I think I may see what's going on here. First, you're pulling in a layout that doesn't really have any fields for that question content. So, it looks like the question and the answers are definitely "hijacking" the fields from the layout.

I did take a look and I created a new master, just to show you that it is possible to set this up. What I did was create a new, default layout Master and I added the fields you want to us in addition to the default fields that are generated for an actual "Question" layout when a Master slide is created. 

If you can, take a quick look at the file. Let me know if this works for you.