Questions Not Loading on iPad

I have uploaded a Storyline file to our LMS and I'm trying to launch on the iPad.  The content plays fine and some of the questions load, but then they just stop loading.  The module was published in html5. Anyone have any ideas what might be happening?  I checked to see if it's a specific quesiton type but there's no consistency.  The question types are all survey.  Thanks!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lauren,

Is the course loading as expected when not viewing on the iPad? Also, have you tried to see if it's LMS specific by also testing it by loading the course into SCORM Cloud?  Also, does it stop loading at a particular point/question? There was a fix in update 4 regarding content that was not loading properly from the LMS into the HTML5 output. Can you confirm what version of Storyline you're running? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Lauren,

I checked in on your case today, it I see that Cleo was able to replicate the problem and has shared this with our QA team. He shared the following for the meantime:

I would recommend, at this time, to take a different approach so that you continue working on your project. If it's possible for your LMS to support SCORM 1.2 or 2004, I suggest that you republish your file for that SCORM version for now.