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I have read the support article "How to view Storyline content on an iPad without an Internet connection".  It is stated that I must connect to download the files into the Library of the Mobile Player.  I will need to set the "Available Offline" to Yes.

My question is when I start the Mobile Player, I will need to indicate the link to the story.html location on the web to start the viewing and downloading.   I believe the download file is stored in the Library of the Mobile App ???

Is it possible for me to transfer multiple files over and put them into this Library and use Mobile Player to view all of these files offline ???   I would like the ability to load all of these files by using the USB cable instead of WiFi.

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Gary Wong

Hi Justin:

There are some app that allow file transfer between PC and iPad.   If I found a file manager app that will allow be to move a file from one App to other, if I place the file in Articulate Mobile Player Library, will it not work ????

When I download it from WiFi, where does Mobile Player story the file at ???  

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Brian Batt

Hi Gary,

The files to run the course as saved in the Articulate Mobile Player app itself.  There's currently no way for the application to interface with any other storage in other applications.  Thus, you must download the content online.

If you'd like to see the ability to transfer courses locally, please submit a feature request to us by using the link below:

Russell Still

Hi, Richard. Install the Mobile Player on your iPad first. (Otherwise, it plays in Safari HTML5, a less than satisfying experience.) Then, when you access an SL project on the internet in Safari, the Mobile Player will get called to play the content. And since you can download and store the file on your iPad (allowing offline viewing), it really does the job quite well.

It's a great way to sell iPad playable content without having to go through Apple's appstore. (That always bugged me!)

Russell Still

Richard Campbell said:

So will the published Storyline app play on an Ipad  from the web  link without the Articulate mobile app? Or must that app be pre-installed via an Itunes installation before any Storyline content will play?

Yes, if you publish for HTML5, your project will play in Safari without having the Mobile Player app installed. The best "experience" will come from the Mobile Player, though. I would recommend that users get the Mobile Player and use that, even though it isn't required. There are a lot of issues with Safari/HTML5 that are show-stoppers for me.