Questions on Audio


I had a couple questions which I hope someone can answer for me.

1. When audio is recorded directly within Storyline - what format is this file in as standard when saved onto the timeline?

2. We are looking to do some foreign language translations and want to make use of the text translation tool plus would like to be recommended a tool for recording audio suitable for import into Storyline.

3. Is there an add-on that will enable text to speech for Storyline? I understand that this functionality exists for captivate. Is there a similar option for Storyline?



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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Jodie,

1) It matters not (as these are packaged inside the .story file). You can export the output on the timeline as MP3 and WAV though.

2) Any tool that supports recording to WAV ought to be enough (pretty much all of them do). Audacity and SONY Soundforge are two examples.

3) No such functionality exists in Storyline so far.

Hope this helps,