Questions on Surveys and SCORM

I'm building a feedback survey that needs to send its results to the LMS and I'm struggling..

1. There are two questions on the slide, pick one, then give a reason - so a radio button and a text box. Do I put the anwer box out of the screen, use a Javascript to combine the answers and feed them into that box when user clicks submit? Has anyone tried this?

A similar problem with 4 slider bars on the screen - the user clicks submit, it should get the slider rsults, compile them and put them into the variable that is sent when the user clicks the submit button?  Or is there an easier way? How does the Likert interaction work? Can I use this to send multiple results from 1 submit button? 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

I'm happy to help! I also know that others in the community have built similar courses so I hope they will share their wealth of knowledge!

To submit multiple answers on one slide, I'd recommend using a trigger that submits all the variables when the user clicks submit. You could use JavaScript, but I'm not an expert in that area so I'll leave it to the JavaScript pros!

Secondly, here is the quiz data sent to the LMS. You might try creating a customized report to capture the textbox and radio button answers.

Adam Bayliss

Thanks - I seem to have found a way to do it - for reference - I have three questions with Radio button answers on the slide. Selecting a radio button 'adjust variable' to a string - I.e. 3: Neither yes or no

There's 3 radio button sets - structure, info and quantity. Then when the user clicks next:

var player=GetPlayer();

var a = player.GetVar("Q3_structure");
var b = player.GetVar("Q3_info");
var c = player.GetVar("Q3_quantity");

var d = "Structure: ".concat ( a, "\n Information: ",b,"\n Quantity: ",c );

player.SetVar("Q3_structure_info", d);

Which collects them all into Q3_structure_info. The following slide is a short answer survey question - the textbox in it is given Q3_structure_info on page load, and it submits at the end of timeline (the user will barely see it). Its still not tidy, but seems to be working!