Questions on the 'items' in Screen recording

Hi all,

Hi 'Heroes'!


I am trying to stop producing my videos with Captivate (Cp) and start to use Storyline instead.

However I have several questions as I cannot manage to produce the same output with SL...

I would really appreciate your help on the following …


Here are my questions….


  1. In order to change the colors and fonts of all the items in the video: captions, mouse cursor, and highlights...I understood that we can use the Design tab in SL, and change the pre-defined templates and apply it to the project (such as in Ppt).

>>Does this mean I have to open a project, create, select of check this choice through a first slide, BEFORE starting to record (directly from the first launching SL page)?


  1. Of course, there is still a lot of rework after capturing a video (I know we always have this but..): I am surprised that in Cp, the semi-transparent rectangle highlights (to indicate where the user should click) is almost quasi-adapted to the buttons or field. All the semi-transparent rectangle highlights in SL had the same square-shape and do not match at all with their least in my sceencast...., it will then require more time to resize and adjust them all over my projects...

>>>Did I miss something here? If not, I will probably enter this as an improvement request??


Many thanks for any help and special thanks to Ant. P. for proofreading my post ;O)



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