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Ian Israel Saavedra

Hello Bdor, thank you for attaching the story file. I've downloaded it, and tried taking all of the tests, and I didn't seem to have encountered what you described. Please note that I deleted all of the previous slides prior to the quiz slides since I couldn't progress on them due to language barrier. Likewise I also removed the randomize answer from the option so I can have a score of at least 60% to progress to the other quizes.

Does your issue happen to all the questions on all of the quiz or does it happen to a specific quiz? 

Ren Gomez

Hi Bdor,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! In your introductory quiz slide (slide 3.33), you have a trigger to Reset Results, and it includes the option to reset only incorrect questions

This seems to be interfering with the start of your quiz. Since this trigger already exists on your Results slide, I recommend removing it, as that should help fix the issue!