Questions spread through project with a results slide, review?

I have a colleague who has just built a course with question split throughout the project.  they report to an individual results slide, with the option to review at the end.

When you press review the course jumps to the first question slide, but htting the next button moves through all the individual slides not just the question slides.  Is this the expected behaviour?

I would have thought it would have only reviewed the quiz questions and cannot find any settings to change this.

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Nancy Woinoski

Yup that is how it works. I got around this in a course I did by creating a slide that had links to each set of quiz questions and then had this open in a light box when they clicked a retry button. You might be able to do something like this for the review as well. It was a little clunky but at least the users did not have to step thru the entire course again.

Liz Boynton

I am not sure why it works that way either because you have the option to select the slides for the results screen. Logically if these are the activities that will be judged for the results screen, if you review the results, only those slides should be included in the review. The action is a 'review results'. Are you filing a change request Phil?

tom riddle

This seems really counter intuitive - for the developer and the learner.

 I messed around with this for an hour or so before I checked this forum.     A results slide should be a results slide, or a series of results slides.    A user doesn't want to have to go through the whole course or scene to see the results quiz slide by quiz slide. 

This should clearly be fixed. 




Something like the following should work:
Create a true/false variable named something like "Review" with a default value of "false".
Set the value to "true" when the user clicks the review button on the quiz results slide

on the next button on the last slide of each group of questions, send the user to the next question if the variable "review" = true

if the condition is not met, send the user to the next slide. 
Sure it is a little extra work, but it shouldn't be that difficult or clunky.

Michael Palko

Thanks so much for this tip, Rebecca!

I recently upgraded to SL2 and needed to update a course I built in SL1 that used the now obsolete way of moving through quiz slides strewn within the content.  After 2 days of adding and deleting triggers and moving the quiz slides to a new/separate scene I finally through up my hands and headed to the community.  

Because of you, I can now have a weekend.  You really are an eLearning Hero.

Thanks x10!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Craig,

This conversation is a bit dated and it looks like you are using Storyline 360.

If you use the built-in review option in your course, only those slides should be displayed to your learner.

I've attached a super short example to demonstrate using a couple of randomized question banks.