Questions to clear the responsive fog

I've been looking at discussions, articles and videos about Articulate responsiveness and am none the wiser, except that (with the exception of Rise?) responsiveness comes from adapting the slide size to the device screen. This is what I want to achieve (as, as mentioned elsewhere, repositioning some parts of a slide would interfere with the logical and relative layout of screen objects) so here are my questions:

1. If an LMS itself is responsive, is it likely that it will adjust the width of an AS slide to the screen width of any device, even if the slide is created in AS2?

2. If not, will slides created in AS3 behave differently (in terms of responsiveness, ie optimum screen width) from slides created in AS2 in the same LMS? I know I can preview how they will look on different devices, but will they automatically launch, from inside the LMS, with a responsive player according to the device being used (and therefore be "better" than slides created in AS2)? 

Articulate 360 is NOT an option for us, so I am only interested in what can be achieved in a responsive LMS with AS2 or by updating to AS3.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me.




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Richard,

Thanks for reaching out for some clarification on responsiveness with SL2 vs. SL3 specifically.

I cannot speak for your LMS, but I can share some information specific to the software.

Storyline 3 has a responsive player for tablet and smartphone viewing, which is not a feature of Storyline 2. Check out this comparison chart.

Responsive Player FAQs

Have you been able to upload some content to see how it behaves in your LMS and understand the options that you may have?

I look forward to hearing from others in the community that have experience as well.

Richard Lander

Hello Leslie,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly . I only have AS2 files to test in an LMS and I'm guessing that a file created in AS3 will allow the learner to use the collapsed menu in the responsive player when using a smartphone or tablet and therefore gain screen space.  Maybe someone who has tried this can let us know their experience.