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Peter Kennedy

I found this, which is helpful and thought I would add it here in case other search later for something.

It would be great to have a few such items as PDF cards to print out and keep on my desk.


Katie Riggio

Hello Peter,

Are there short reference guides in PDF for Storyline?

Good question and find on the keyboard shortcuts list! With all the enhancements made to Storyline since its release, we've maintained an online format for tutorials and user guides.

You can find all of our resources on the Articulate Tutorials and User Guides page and by hovering over the Learn tab on the top-left.

A few ideas for unlocking a PDF or tangible format:

  • This may not be ideal, but could selecting Print on a specific guide and then Saving as a PDF work?
  • A few community members recommended books from this third-party website: https://elearninguncovered.com/books/

Let me know if you have any more questions! Happy to chat further.

Peter Kennedy

Thanks for the follow-up, Katie. I did copy the keyboard shortcuts, dropped them into a document, printed and laminated for a reference card I'm keeping on my desk. It's been helpful to have this as a new user. 

I'd highly recommend you guys create some quick reference cards like this that you could provide to new users. You might even put additional information (support contacts, recommended user communities, etc.) that users would find beneficial.