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David Dye


I tried to use Screenr and then Storyline to create screencasts of this issue, but kept running out of RAM. I've done this manually now, but here are the steps I followed:

1. Change the color of all states of a radio button object.

2. Click "Done editing states."

3. Double-click the Format Painter.

4. Click another radio button. (either inside the button, which sets its default to "selected" or outside, which does not.)

Nothing changes when I complete step #4.

I hope this helps.


Megan Creegan

I know this is an old forum, but I'd be curious to know if the QA team found a resolution. I want to change the states/colors of my radio buttons, but the format painter isn't working well with them. If there is a way to quickly change them all without using format painter, that would be even better, since I have several dozen buttons in my project that I want to change the color of the hover state.

Thank you!