Quirk with Triggers and 'Resume Where You Left Off'

Hi Everyone

I am currently building a course in Storyline. I am having an issue after I publish and select the 'Resume Where You Left Off' option. If I revisit a section, all of the triggers I previously selected are appearing automatically rather than waiting for me to select the trigger point. This doesn't happen when I don't select the 'Resume' option. 

I emptied my cookies and browsing history, went back in and all was fine. Went back in again, selected 'Resume' and the same issue happened. Have tried this on both IE and Chrome, with the same issue. 

HOWEVER ... when I tried this on two colleagues' PCs all worked as it should do. 

It is clearly an issue with my Windows 7 PC, but I have no clue what it might be. I need to take the view that if it's happening to me, it could potentially happen to at least one other learner, and anticipate a solution. 

Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be? Thanks in advance. 

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James McLuckie

Although I am still unsure why this is happening, I have found a way of actually preventing it from happening.

If I set the "When revisiting" slide property to "Reset to initial state" , it gets around the issue. However, as it is only ME who has the problem, I'm not sure I want to go through every slide and set this up.

Perhaps it's a job for the laptop on the knee and a glass of wine in the hand.  

Phil Mayor

I don't think this is a quirk this is a part of the resume function.

Storyline does get confused sometimes when returning to slide, this is why the three options, normally Storyline will go with the saved state (if you leave it set as automatically decide).  If you have fired the triggers and then resume I would expect the slide to load as fired.

You dont need to set all the slide revisit properties manually, go to storyview select all and choose initial state from the bottom right pane

James McLuckie

It must be a quirk somewhere, Phil, otherwise it wouldn't behave differently on different machines. Whether it's a Storyline quick or what. However, I think it's important to be aware of this because then you can set up options to give it the best possible chance of behaving as uniformally as possible.

Thank you for the 'Storyview' tip. Can't believe I haven't thought of that, before! 

Phil Mayor

Each time you visit the slide I expect you change the way it revisits, I try not to change automatically decide because it seems to be hit and miss.

Can you guarantee that the resume data was the same when you used the other PC's, because when you checked the slides you changed the data being sent.  

It would be worth putting in a bug report, the first thing I do with a project is remove the automatically decide, I think I may be a little paranoid or untrusting just me