Quirks with templates

Hi Ho Heroes,

I've held off creating templates so far, because I was still changing things. However, today I decided to make a template out of one of my story files.

I used Save As, and selected the .storytemplate type, and it seemed to save OK.

Now 3 things have happened:

  1. I can't simply launch the .storytemplate file by double-clicking or by selecting From Project Template in the Storyline opening screen. Have discussed this with Articulate support, and they suggest I keep using the workaround - open a new file and then import the template.
  2. To keep my template small in size, I deleted most of the slides. But now when I import it as a template, only one of the two original slide masters come with the import. Did deleting the slides also delete the associated slide master? I certainly didn't expect that to happen - I thought a slide master stayed with the file regardless of whether it is assigned to a slide.
  3. The slide master that did come in isn't exactly as it appears in the original file. Some graphics I added seem condensed compared to the original.

So, has anyone else seen this quirks? If so, any iidea what happened?

Anyway, I'm trying to live with this, but am thinking about recreating my .storytemplate file again.

Thanks for any help you can give,


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