Quiz 2nd question does not allow selection

Mar 27, 2018

HI! I'm working in Storyline 360. I have a couple of quizzes; each having three questions. The first quiz is where I am experiencing issues. The first question works as designed but when I click submit and advance to the next quiz, the cursor does not change to allow me to select any of the answers. The Seekbar is moving, however, I cannot click on the answers. I can, however, click next to move on to the next question. But I have the Submit button selected in the properties and not the next or prev buttons. When I do advance the third question, I experience the same problem as question two. I have tried to delete and reenter the questions but that doesn't fix it. Has anyone experience this or have any ideas?

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Shannon B

Hi Lisa,

Give this story file a try and see if the issue has disappeared for you.

I noticed you had the interaction submit on the Correct Layer for each individual question, rather than at the end only on the results slide. When I removed this layer trigger from the Correct layers, the issue seemed to go away. I think this was making the quiz mark as complete, which in return wouldn't allow you to answer any of the other questions. 

The quizzes still seem to be reporting accurately and resetting when you retry the quiz.

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