Quiz Advancing to next slide without clicking Continue

Oct 21, 2020

I have this set on a Correct layer in a quiz. What I want is for the user to have to click Continue to move forward. I need the variable trigger to jump to the next slide because I want the user to not have to answer that question again if they answered it correctly, only the incorrect answers, when they come to the end of the test.

Set var1 equal to 1.00 when timeline starts

Jump to next slide when timeline starts if var1 is equal to 1.00


Jump to next slide when user clicks Continue

Hide layer this layer when user clicks Continue

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kelly,

The way you currently have your triggers setup in the Correct layer, when the layer opens it sets Var1 equal to 1 and then immediately checks to see if it is equal to 1 and jumps to the next slide. To me, this second trigger seems pointless as it prevents any further interaction on this layer by instantly closing it when it opens and moving to the next question.

If you remove the trigger to jump to the next slide if var1 = 1, your slide will only advance once the user clicks the Continue button.

Kelly Hickman

Thank you Ned, I think what I want is a bit too much. I know removing that trigger makes the user click Continue, but I was hoping that when the user retakes the test if they fail, the correct questions are just skipped or don't even show up on a repeat attempt. Removing the trigger makes the user have to click Continue on the questions they answered correctly in the first attempt. I was just trying to make it cleaner but maybe I don't have a choice.

I appreciate the help!!

Ned Whiteley

Hi Kelly,

Now that I have a better understanding of what you were trying to do, it was easy to spot the error. You had in fact done everything right, but made a simple and very common mistake at the end by not getting your triggers in the correct order.

As triggers always activate from the top of the list down, the way you had them set up was that the variable was set to equal 1 (i.e. the question had just been answered correctly) and then you checked to see if it was equal to 1 and jumped to the next slide.

If you simply reverse the order of these two triggers in each Correct layer, your quiz works the way you want it to:

Now what happens is that the user is jumped to the next slide if the question has been previously answered correctly (i.e. the variable is already equal to 1). If not, the variable is now set to 1 by the next trigger and the user then clicks the Continue button to proceed. Next time round, the user will be jumped straight to the next question.

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