Quiz and next button not always working

Slide 1.9 has 8 things people need to choose gives a brief discussion and then a scenario with a question.   At times, once the question is answered (correctly or not), the 'next' button is not highlighting and working.  I have to go previous and then the 'next' button works.    This doesn't happen on all of them and doesn't happen consistently.    I am at a loss.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi J!

When testing your file, the only time I ran into issues clicking the Next button was on slides like 4.2 Nepotism Scenario. 

On that slide, you have a trigger that restricts the next button:

Jump to slide 1.9 when the user clicks the Next button if Correct2=True OR Incorrect2=True OR Incorrect2a=True.

Those variables do not become True until the timeline ends on the Correct and Incorrect feedback layers.

When you run into this issue, double check the trigger panel to be sure there's not a trigger restricting the next button like the one above. Let me know if that helps!