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Mar 05, 2019


I'm trying to make a quiz where the user (in slide 1) can choose between three different categories. When the user is done with a category he/she will come back to slide 1 and will be able to pick a new category and to see the total score point as he/she progresses. So let's say I've done two out of three categories (each worth 10 points when answered correctly). Then I want to come back to slide 1 and see that the score board shows "20" points.

The category part is fine, I just don't know how to use the result slides and variables in the right way to display the total score point. Is this possible? Please help. :)

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Judy Nollet

Create a custom number variable. For this example, let's call it "TotalPoints."

  • Start TotalPoints with a value of "0."
  • Display the value of TotalPoints on slide 1 by referencing the variable. To do that, enter the percentage symbol followed by the variable name and another percentage symbol, with no spaces. For example: %TotalPoints%
    • This would display as "0" when the user starts the published course.
  • If you have a Results slides in each category, Articulate automatically creates variables that contain the user's score. These will be Results.ScorePoints, Results1.ScorePoints, Results2.ScorePoints, etc.
  • Create triggers that add the value of the ScorePoints variables to the TotalPoints variable.
    • You could put a trigger at the end of each category that adds the points from that category to TotalPoints. Be aware, though, that if the user returns to the slide with that trigger, the points will be added again (unless you control that with additional variables and conditions).
    • Probably the simplest method is to have the addition triggers on slide 1, in this order:
      • Start with a trigger that sets TotalPoints to "0" (to prevent a score from one category being added more than once if the user returned to that category).
      • Create a trigger to add the points from each category (see screenshot).

Each time the user returns to slide 1, the program will determine the TotalPoints so far.

If you don't know enough about variables and conditions, check out Articulate's tutorials and user guides. It's worth the time to learn these functions, because they provide so much control.

Sofie Hansson

Thanks Judy, that was very helpful! :)

I also want the user to be able to retry the categories and in doing so, get a higher score. But when I'm done with a category and want to retry it seems like the quiz has been disabled?

Another problem I ran into is that category 1 wont stop loading. I can submit an answer but that's it. I can't get to the results slide for category 1. Category 2 and 3 works just fine.

I'll attach the storyline file if you want to have a look! 
(If you preview the entire project: Write your name in the white box > next > click on graduation cap > choose category > answer question ("pengar" is the right answer). 

Judy Nollet


After a quiz has been completed, users are prevented from re-taking it. However, you can add a Retry button to the Results slide. That will reset the question(s) and allow the user to re-take the quiz. If you don't know how to add the Retry button, the Articulate tutorials/user guides explain how to do it.

I took a quick look at your .story file, but I can't tell why the Category 1 slide won't advance. I suggest you submit the case to the Articulate team.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sofie!

I had a peek at your file, and I noticed you had two numeric variables called Results.ScorePoints listed in the variables window.

Because you can't delete one of those variables, I simply renamed one of them to NewVariable. Now, the category 1 result slide works correctly. 

Check out the file I attached!

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