Quiz answers not showing up when in Review Quiz mode.

When Storyline is in “Review Mode”, logically it shows what radio button the user selected and the green checkmark icon, to indicate what should be the correct response (if the radio button and checkmark location match, we get a “Correct” bar), right?

In my quiz, when I click the “review quiz” button, I do not see the radio button indicating what I, the user, selected. This brings me to believe that the Storyline did not even record my answer when I clicked Submit. So, in “Review Mode”, it is thinking that I did not select any response… making the question wrong (which makes sense… but the question now comes, WHY did it not record?). 

I am using graded multiple choice question slides, with self-made Submit button. I thought maybe the problem was the self-made button, so I used the Player default button, but it still did not work. When I answer and click Submit, the appropriate Incorrect and Correct layers comes... its just the "Review Quiz" that is not working.

Thanks for your help.

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Sam Hill

Glad it worked out Molly. There is one thing I will warn you of with "Resume saved state" when used in conjunction with SCORM 1.2. You can find yourself hitting a data limit in the LMS if you have large quizzes or several slides using the "Resume saved state" setting. There is not a hard and fast rule on this, but if you ever experience bookmarking issues between sessions (after progressing through the course) it is usually because there is too much data being sent to the LMS.

Shouldn't really be a concern with small quizzes. Definitely not a problem for SCORM 2004 3rd and 4th editions.

John Mayfield

I just made some updates to my course.  I had to re-import questions into my question bank and delete the older questions.  I am having students report that when they review the quiz that the results are not showing up.  I just checked my question bank and my slides are set to reset to initial state.  Could this be my issue too?