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Greg Faust

Hi, Diane.

I just threw together an example. See attached .story file.

Scene 1 is "normal"-- the user can retry the quiz any number of times.

Scene 2 is modified. As far as I know, there's no setting to limit the number of retries automatically. To limit the number of retries, I've added:

One Variable:

"QuizReattempts" (number; default value 2-- this default value can be changed to whatever number of retries you want the user to have).

Two triggers:

Decrement the variable "QuizReattempts" when the user clicks the "Retry" button.

Disable the Retry button when the Results slide appears, but only if "QuizReattempts" is zero (or less).

One bit of text:

"Retries Remaining: %QuizReattempts%" is a quick example of using percent signs to show the value of a variable (and thereby let the learner know they have limited attempts remaining).

Let us know how it goes or if you have questions.

Greg Faust

Yep! I tried to keep it simple: The initial (default) value of the variable "QuizReattempts" is the number of retries the learner starts with. So:

  • On the right side of the screen, you should see a list of triggers
  • Immediately below that list is a row of buttons
  • The rightmost button is an x
  • Click the x to bring up the variables manager
  • Double-click the variable "QuizReattempts"
  • Change the Value field to 1 (or however many retries you want to give your learners)
  • Click "OK" until the popup menus go away

Now, when you bring up the Results slide, it should show your number of retries equal to 1 (or whatever number you entered).

Does that work for you?