Quiz Banks

Hi All,

We are developing a course.

We would like to have a quiz at the end of each unit but also a large quiz at the end of the course which would effectively be all of the unit quizzes again in 1 large quiz.

Is there the ability to create 1 question bank with all questions ( which would suffice for the quiz at the end) but also to use this bank for the quizzes at the unit level and the system would allow you to group within the bank, so you could pull the unit 1 questions only from the large bank of questions.

I know that I can name the questions to identify them and pull them in manually but I am wondering is there a better way of doing it?

Thank you all in advance.

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Alan:

I'm not the best person to quote on this, but my experience on building content using Question Banks is such that I believe that you COULD do what you describe, but with some limitations.

The typical approach that would be taken to meet your requirements would be to create "ad-hoc" Quiz/Question Slides as needed, so you could do a brief review at the end of each unit.

This however may limit you in terms of marking/tracking results though.

You could also build a Question Bank of questions, and use DRAW Slides to formally select and mark/evaluate results. 

Typically this is done at the END of a course to review COMPREHENSIVE knowledge.

However, I'm unsure if the kind of nesting or Unit grouping I think you would LIKE to do within your Question Banks in Storyline 2 is possible.

You might be able to MIMIC this behavior by duplicating some or all of your Unit-based questions in MULTIPLE BANKS, and then use BANK-SPECIFIC, or BANK-SELECTIVE draws to achieve your objective(s).

This would give you the flexibility of Unit-Specific Content, as well as Module-Comprehensive content in your Quiz Slides. ;)

Hope this helps!