Quiz bug on iPad Playback

Reviewing a course with restricted nav, the course has a "draw 10 questions from pool".

I use the "swipe" to go from slide to slide and when I hit the first quiz question, I habitually did a swipe after selecting a choice and BEFORE clicking submit.

Surprise: The course skips to the next quiz question and records an incorrect answer for question 1.

Loading the .story up, there is no trigger in the quiz question panel to proceed to NEXT on swipe. It must be built in.

This bug would never show up on a desktop since there is no NEXT button. Perhaps a touch display would allow swipe on a desktop.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

That's a bug our team is currently investigating, and it's limited to using Restricted navigation.

You could look at using Free navigation from the menu and if you need to limit how quickly learners advance through content slides locking those on a slide by slide basis using a Disabled state trigger for your next button. 

We'll keep you posted here as we have more information to share.