Quiz data sent to LMS - more info on string

I am looking for more information on the string "id" that is sent by Articulate Storyline 2 to the LMS.  I referenced this article "Quiz Data Sent to an LMS in Articulate Storyline", and do see the information "id" reported in my LMS.  I have some examples of "id" strings that are reported; the first elements are clear.  What do the numbers at the end of the string represent?  It appears that the 2nd number (y) may be the attempt number (how many times the learner attempted the question), what is the first number (x)?


Examples of the string "id" produced by Storyline:



The LMS also is reporting the student_response and correct_response, but is separate data from this string.  Any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Selene,

The XY numbers you're seeing there are for {Quiz attempts} and {question attempts}. 

If you're seeing something that looks a little off knowing that information, please let us know and we'll want to have you run an LMS debug log to confirm what Storyline is sending vs. what your LMS is showing. 

Calvin Lo

hi crystal, it seems that data is being sent once they close the module even without reaching the results slide. below is a screenshot of the three quiz result being recorded (closed browser after 3rd question) but there's a total of 10 questions on that quiz.