Quiz details won't pass to LMS

May 09, 2014


I created a template of a quiz that I want to reuse in several lessons and found that it scores just fine. That said, my LMS (Absorb) won't record the details of the learner's choice. I want to capture the learner's choice so I can record information such as  trends that report areas where my learners may need more attention.

I've tried to use Tin Can API, but it's still in Beta form in Absorb and does nothing more than SCORM (in Absorb). Thus Tin Can API is not an option. I've tried changing the free form quiz settings in Storyline, but the changes didn't seem to make a difference.

I'm stumped on this one. Anyone run across this issue before?

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Refugio Jones

Hi Phil. I took your advice and ran my courses through scormcloud and found that I could see all of the interactions and quiz answers. This helped to rule out Storyline as the source of the problem and the results seem to point to my existing LMS as the source of the issues, but I won't say that for sure until I let them look at the courses.

 I appreciate the help!

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