Quiz - draw from questionbank: no time to answer!

Hi everyone,

we've encountered a problem in our quizzes: in one of our projects we've created 2 questionbanks. One for a "prequiz", the other for the "endquiz". When we preview our project both quizzes are being played to quick. There's no time to answer! The questions "run" over the screen and immediatly the result slide is shown. We've already tried to create a new question bank with all new questions and a new scene "draw from question bank", but the problem stays.

We've created also a new project, just with one question bank en when we preview it, aparantly the problem is "solved". But, honnestly: we've invested already so much time in this project! We really do not want the remake it entirely ... Anyone any ideas what's wrong with our quizzes???



PS: our storyline in attachment: the 3th question bank and scenes 10 and 11 are our attempts to solve the problem  ;-)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tina

I viewed Eindtest scene and saw the behaviour you described. I checked the slide layout being used for the quiz slides and there was a 'jump to next slide when timeline starts' trigger. I removed that and it appears to have worked - Have only tested Eindtest scene.